Core purpose

Each child has the right to an education and our priority is to maintain pupils as learners whilst attending all services at Milton School.

The core purpose of our school is to enable pupils to access their entitlement to be educated in line with Article 28 of the UN Convention on the rights of a child.


Milton School provides education across all 4 services from Early Years to 16.

We provide education for pupils from special schools, mainstream schools, alternative provisions for pupils from schools within Hull and the surrounding areas and nationally at Inspire.

We also provide education for pupils who have not attended a school setting for long periods of time.

Curriculum design

Our curriculum has been designed to ensure our pupils have the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge relevant to them as individuals whilst maintaining an enthusiasm for learning whilst being a pupil at our school.

Milton School offers a broad and balanced curriculum which prioritises teaching the relevant knowledge and skills within the National Curriculum from Early Years to 16. Our curriculum is tailored to the individual, taking into consideration pupils’ SEND and medical needs.

We work with medical professionals and home schools to ensure the implementation of the curriculum is reflective of the needs of the pupil. The outcomes of baseline assessments on admission inform teaching to develop pupils’ understanding of key concepts by building knowledge and skills. misconceptions and gaps in knowledge.

“I like the teachers, and the leaders are open to student ideas.“

Y11 child

“Great school – staff are brilliant.“


“I think Milton is good and I like maths!“

Y6 child

“My favourite thing is seeing my teachers everyday.“

Y3 child