Equality & Diversity

At Milton School, we value and celebrate diversity among our students and staff. We believe that promoting equality of opportunity and eliminating discrimination is crucial in creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

The Governing Body and the Local Authority are responsible for ensuring that the School operates within the legal framework for equality and implementing the policy throughout the School. Discriminatory issues are addressed by the appropriate committee.

As members of the School community, we all have a responsibility to prevent unfair discrimination or harassment and to challenge or report such behaviour if it occurs.

Our Leadership Team is committed to advancing equality of opportunity, fostering good relations, and eliminating discrimination, harassment, or victimization on the grounds of disability, gender, race, or ethnicity.

To meet our duty, we will establish an overall vision of promoting equality of opportunity, offer training to all staff and governors, and promote our Equality Action Plan to parents and pupils.

We will monitor, report, and act on any incidents of discrimination, harassment or victimisation and provide appropriate resources and curriculum to promote good relations and understanding of equality and diversity.

We believe that every individual should have the opportunity to reach their full potential regardless of their background or circumstances. At Milton School, we are committed to promoting and maintaining a culture of equality and inclusivity for all.

“Great school – staff are brilliant.“


“I like the teachers, and the leaders are open to student ideas.“

Y11 child

“My favourite thing is seeing my teachers everyday.“

Y3 child

“I think Milton is good and I like maths!“

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