School Council

The members of the School Council are elected every September at the start of the Term. The council meets at least half termly to plan and debate current issues and also report to Youth Parliament at each meeting.

The aims of the School Council

  • To help make school a safe, happy and fun place to learn.
  • To help teach us about democracy and good citizenship.
  • To work in partnership with all adults in the school.
  • To make sure every child has a voice.

The role of a School Councillor:

  • To work as a team to improve our school.
  • To listen to all suggestions and consider how they can make our school happier.
  • To attend and participate in School Council meetings.
  • To share information from meetings with children in our class.

“I like the teachers, and the leaders are open to student ideas.“

Y11 child

“I think Milton is good and I like maths!“

Y6 child

“Great school – staff are brilliant.“


“My favourite thing is seeing my teachers everyday.“

Y3 child