KS2 Curriculum

In Key Stage 2 (KS2), we are committed to providing our pupils with an education that is tailored to their unique needs and abilities. To achieve this, we have designed two distinct curriculum pathways, each serving specific educational goals.

The first pathway, known as the ‘Explorers Curriculum,’ is geared towards promoting the highest level of independence among our students. It’s important to note that this curriculum isn’t just differentiated; it’s entirely different. Through our Explorers Curriculum, we aim to empower our pupils to become true explorers of knowledge. This curriculum encourages them to embark on journeys of exploration, discovery, and learning. It does so through a pedagogical approach that emphasizes high levels of repetition, allowing students to develop essential skills and the ability to apply their learning across various contexts. In every session, we prioritize experiential learning, which can be succinctly described as ‘learning by doing.’ Our pupils thrive when they engage with real-life, contextual experiences, supported by tangible resources.

Meanwhile, our National Curriculum pathway within KS2 is carefully adapted to meet the diverse needs of our pupils in each classroom. Building upon the foundational knowledge acquired in Key Stage 1 (KS1), this curriculum delves deeper into the subjects covered while refining the personal development skills that are vital for becoming successful, independent learners. Through this pathway, we offer a broad and exciting curriculum that continues to captivate our students’ interest in learning. We believe that curiosity is the key to knowledge, and we encourage our students to seize every opportunity to expand their understanding and enhance their memory.

To explore the specifics of our curriculum in different subject areas, please click on the relevant tab. We believe that transparency and collaboration with parents and stakeholders are essential components of our educational approach, and we invite you to delve deeper into the rich learning experiences we offer in each curriculum area.

“I think Milton is good and I like maths!“

Y6 child

“My favourite thing is seeing my teachers everyday.“

Y3 child

“I like the teachers, and the leaders are open to student ideas.“

Y11 child

“Great school – staff are brilliant.“